Majacraft Spinning Wheel Parts

Majacraft Spinning Wheel Parts

Parts for Majacraft Spinning Wheels

Sliding Flyer Hooks, from left to right:

  • Fine Flyer Hook,
  • Standard Flyer Hook,
  • e-system Flyer Hook, ceramic insert
  • Jumbo Flyer Hook
Also shown are:
  • Majacraft Poly Drive Band
  • Majacraft Scotch Tension Cord
  • Majacraft Scotch Tension Spring
  • Wood Knob [on main axle where the wheel folds] - fits all folding wheels, even wheels that had a cast aluminum knob originally.

These are genuine Majacraft parts. Many other parts that are not illustrated.

Select QTY SKU Item Unit Price
  ...Drive Band - Suzie, Suzie Pro, Suzie Alpaca $19.00
  ...Drive Band - Aura $19.00
  Aura - Dacron non-stretchy belt $25.50
  ...Drive Band - Rose $19.00
  ...Drive Band - Millie $19.00
  ...Drive Band - Pioneer $19.00
  ...Drive Band - Little Gem (upper) $19.00
  Drive Band - Little Gem (lower) $21.00
  Scotch Tension String (Per Yard) $6.00
  Scotch Tension Spring. . . except Gem $9.00
  GEM Scotch Tension Spring $9.00
  Fine 6mm Sliding Yarn Guide $8.50
  Plying 12mm Sliding Yarn Guide $9.50
  Super Jumbo 24mm "Wild" Yarn Guide $11.00
  6mm e-system Sliding Yarn Guide $14.50
  23mm e-system yarn guide $18.00
  Crank Assembly (no con rods) - Rose $121.00
  Crank Assembly (no con rods) - Susie/Millie $121.00
  Crank Assembly - Little Gem $116.00
  Green Polycord Conrod-to-Treadle Joiner $8.50
  Lavender Wax - Keep your wheel Looking Pretty! 15g $13.00
  Handle Knob $26.00
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