UKI "MINI CONES" BAMBOO YARN 440 yard cones ea


BAMBOO YARN on "MINI" Cones, approx. 6.7oz/440 yards each. Called "BAMBOODLE" by UKI.

The 'official' size designation on this yarn is 5.24/4

The "grist" or diameter of the yarn is about the same as UKI 3/2 Perle Cotton. The Color names and numbers are the same as the UKI Perle Cotton.

These are bamboo yarns from UKI, a name you can trust for quality. This bamboo yarn has a wonderful silky sheen, a cuddly next-to-the-skin softness, and a luxurious drape. These are the mini cones - each mini cone weighs approx. 6.7 ounces and contains 440 yards.

Discontinued by UKI. . . Limited quantities remain - supplies are getting low!

Select QTY SKU Color Unit Price
B2001  Light Blue $17.75
B2004  Pink $17.75
B2012  Red $17.75
B2017  Wine $17.75
B2018  Copen $17.75
B2021  Soldier Blue $17.75
B2023  Nassau $17.75
B2038  Special Orange $17.75
B2042  Deep Turquoise $17.75
B2056  Dark Fuschia $17.75
B2083  Petal Pink $17.75
B2088  Wisteria $17.75
B2113  Yellow $17.75
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UKI BAMBOO YARN on Cones, 1,050 yards per lb.
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