Louet Hand Cards

Louet Hand Cards
Brand Name: Louet

Louet Hand Cards are made from tulip wood, a strong, lightweight wood. Shown are the standard size - available with wool 40 psi carding cloth or fine (for fine wool, cotton, angora, etc.) 80 psi carding cloth. The "mini" hand cards are half-sized fine 80 psi cards (not shown). The flick carder (not shown) has stiffer teeth required to be able to open up matted ends of locks with ease.

Select QTY SKU Description Size Weight Unit Price
2.100  40 psi curved wool cards 4"x7.5" 14 oz./pr. $85.00
2.120  80 psi mini cotton cards 4"x3.75" 7 oz./pr. $63.00
2.110  80 psi curved cotton cards 4"x7.5" 14 oz./pr. $85.00
2.150  Flick Card, curved back 2"x4" 4 oz/ea $36.00
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