Ashford Hand and Flick Cards

Ashford Hand and Flick Cards
Brand Name: Ashford

Ashford Hand Cards. The "standard" style (not shown) is the typical curved solid wood card with a turned handle attached with glue and wood. Choose the coarser wool cloth (72 psi - psi means "pins per square inch") or the finer cloth (for fine wools, cotton, angora, etc.) version with 108 psi. Also available are the "student" cards (shown). They are a curved plywood one piece card with 72 psi carding cloth. They are strong and are also a good price. For children and people with smaller hands, choose the "mini" hand cards. Made from one piece of curved plywood (similar but smaller than those pictured) and with 72 psi, they are strong and lightweight. All of the above are sold by the pair. The flick carder is a small, one piece card with a turned handle and 72 psi cloth. Hand Carders are priced and sold in pairs, Flick carders are sold individually.

Select QTY SKU Description Size Weight Unit Price
9090233  72 psi mini wool cards 3.5"x7.5" 10 oz./pr. $56.50
9090217  72 psi student wool cards 4.75"x8" 1 lb./pr. $82.00
9090204  72 psi std wool cards 4.75"x8" 1.25 lb./pr. $69.00
9090210  108 psi std fine wool/cotton 4.75"x8" 1.25 lb/pr $72.00
9090205  72 psi "flick" carder 2.25"x4" 3 oz. $24.00
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