Sonata Spinning Wheel & Bag from Kromski, It Folds!

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Sonata Spinning Wheel & Bag from Kromski, It Folds!
Brand Name: Kromski

Kromski Sonata Folding Spinning Wheel & Bag Package

  • Single drive
  • Orifice height: 30" but adjustable so that it can be several inches higher.
  • Wheel diameter: 19"
  • Elastic drive band.
  • The front and rear maidens use a plastic bearing material.
  • Wheel is mounted on ball bearings.
  • Ratios: 6.7, 12.5 and 14 to 1 using a standard Sonata flyer
  • Orifice: 18mm/ .70 inches. New bobbin size for the jumbo flyer is; 4" in diameter.
  • Faster flyer: ratios to be announced, but high end will be 18:1 - using regular bobbin.
  • Folded dimensions: 22"x19"
  • Weight: 11.5lbs. Sits very firmly on the floor; has cushioned feet.
  • Includes 3 bobbins (and on this wheel only, the bobbin bushings are nylon), a threading hook, & a padded bag.
  • The wheel arrives assembled, but folded; and is easy to assemble.
  • The padded bag (see picture): this is a very nice bag with heavy duty padding all around. The base has a padded platform that the folded wheel rides on. Big outside pocket will hold lots of stuff. Shoulder strap and hand grab strap. Durable material. Green with tan trim.

    Architecture: As with other Kromski wheels, lots of turns and interesting wood features. As much as any folding wheel can have "old time, Sleeping Beauty" looks, the Sonata has it.

    Unfinished, clear finish, walnut finish, or a mahogany finish to choose from.

    Free Shipping of the Sonata to U.S.A. lower 48 locations - Alaska, Hawaii, APO's, FPO's and Territories the discounted shipping charge will vary by location.

    Free!! Order a Kromski Sonata Spinning Wheel from our website and we'll include 32 ounces of quality wool top that's an excellent fiber to spin with. That's a $48. VALUE BONUS!!!

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  Sonata Wheel & Bag Package, Clear Finish $799.00
  Sonata Wheel & Bag Package, UNFINISHED $729.00
  Sonata Wheel & Bag Package, Walnut Finish $799.00
  Sonata Wheel & Bag Package, Mahogany Finish $799.00
  Replacement Bag ONLY, for Sonata Wheel $130.00
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