Lendrum Double Treadle Folding Spinning Wheel

Lendrum Double Treadle Folding Spinning Wheel
Brand Name: Lendrum Spinning Wheel

Double Treadle Wheels

The Lendrum folding spinning wheel is made from hard mapleVersatility... Scotch tension wheel has many different heads for spinning any type of fiber. A sliding thread guide...no cup hooks. Portability...Folds flat in seconds. You can store it anywhere, carry it in a car, or take it in a plane. Ease of use/reliability... It works simply and it simply works well. Standard ratios are 6, 8 ,and 10:1. The double treadle weighs 13 lb.

The "Regular" includes a standard flyer, tensioned lazy kate, and four standard bobbins.

The "Complete" as above plus a fast flyer, a plying head, plying bobbin and a longer drive band.

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Select QTY SKU Item Unit Price
F26  Double Treadle "Regular" $630.00
F27  Double Treadle "Complete" $790.00
F5  Standard Bobbin $20.00
F25  Very Fast (44:1) Bobbin $25.00
F23  Plying Bobbin $31.00
F22  Plying Head (with 1 Bobbin) $119.00
  Standard (small) Head (with 1 Bobbin) $89.00
F21  Fast Flyer (12, 15 & 17:1) $42.00
F24  Very Fast (44:1) Head $190.00
F11  Quill Head $55.00
F12  Regular Drive Band $10.00
F13  *Currently OUT*Large (plying) Drive Band $10.00
F31  Tensioned Lazy Kate $37.00
F51  Tension Knob $6.00
F52  Sliding Yarn Guide, std $6.00
F52p  Sliding Yarn Guide, plying $6.00
F54  Single Treadle Footman to Treadle Joint $6.00
F55  Double Treadle Footman to Treadle Joint (set) $10.00
F20  Regular (standard) Flyer $42.00
F14  Footman Upgrade (wood replacement for cable footman) $18.00
FP7  Plying Flyer $45.00
FP8  Plying Mother-Of-All $45.00
FP9  Regular Mother-Of-All $45.00
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