Schacht-Reeves 24" Saxony Spinning Wheel

Schacht-Reeves 24

Schacht-Reeves 24" Saxony Style Spinning Wheel!

Designed with assistance and approval of Rick and Marge Reeves, the "Schacht-Reeves" 24" Saxony wheel is available in Ash and Cherry woods.

Each wheel comes with 3 bobbins, 2 whorls, a Lazy Kate, and threading hook.

Your choice of single or double treadle configuration.

All wheels come finished with a hand-rubbed Danish oil finish.

The 24 Schacht-Reeves specifications are:

  • Length: 37
  • height: 38
  • width/depth: 20
  • weight: 20 pounds.
  • 24 whorl ratios (approx) 7:1 and 12:1, 10:1 and 14: 1
  • Orifice height: 25 1/2
  • Orifice size: 3/8; bobbin length is 4 1/2
  • May be ordered with flyer on left or right.
  • Wheel comes with both Scotch tension and double drive modes.

Although these wheels are made-to-order. We anticipate a 4-8 week lead time between orders and shipment.

Select QTY SKU Wood Type Treadles or Item Flyer Unit Price
SR6402  Ash Single Treadle on Left $1,231.00
SR6403  Ash Single Treadle on Right $1,231.00
SR6404  Ash Double Treadle on Left $1,407.00
SR6405  Ash Double Treadle on Right $1,407.00
SR6406  Cherry Single Treadle on Left $1,526.00
SR6407  Cherry Single Treadle on Right $1,526.00
SR6408  Cherry Double Treadle on Left $1,780.00
SR6409  Cherry Double Treadle on Right $1,780.00
SR6450  Ash Bobbin $42.00
SR6452  Cherry Bobbin $49.00
SR6440  Ash Schacht-Reeves Lazy Kate $70.00
SR6442  Cherry Schacht-Reeves Lazy Kate $85.00
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