Kromski Prelude Spinning Wheel, Free Shipping & Free Gifts!

Kromski Prelude Spinning Wheel, Free Shipping & Free Gifts!
Brand Name: Kromski

Kromski Prelude Spinning Wheel

The Prelude is just the wheel for beginners or perhaps a second Kromski wheel for others. It has the look of an antique wheel and the high degree of wood turning that the Kromskis are famous for, but it also has all the touches modern spinners expect.

The Prelude is a single drive wheel; a first for the Kromskis. The good news here is that it uses the same bobbins as all the other Kromski wheels. This means that, as you consider adding a second or third Kromski wheel, you know your bobbins will work with all the different models.

The Prelude is easy to treadle, easy to transport, and has an 18" diameter wheel (same as the Kromski Minstrel) for excellent ratios. If you like, you can swivel the mother-of-all in line with the bench for a more compact "package" when moving the wheel or for storage.

The Prelude is made of European alder and birch. No Kromski wheel has any plastic parts and as such makes the perfect wheel for reenactors.

Additional specifications:

  • wheel diameter - 18"
  • orifice height - 26"; orifice size - 3/8"
  • bobbin size - full 4 oz.; 3 included standard
  • also includes threading hook
  • attached Lazy Kate
  • Written assembly instructions [video instructions below]
  • bottle of spinning wheel oil
  • Ratios are: 6, 10.5, and 13:1
  • bearings on wheel shaft & bobbins leather bearings on flyer
  • weight - 9 lbs.
  • in addition to a regular hemp drive band an elastic band is included
  • Free Shipping! USA lower 48 states only

The Prelude comes boxed as a kit but goes together quickly. It is available unfinished or with a factory clear, walnut or mahogany finish that is exceptional. Also included is an optional elastic drive band (that is dyed to match the walnut or mahogany stain) which can make this wheel even more enjoyable.

Free!! Order a Kromski Prelude Spinning Wheel from our website and we'll include 32 ounces of quality wool top that's an excellent fiber to spin with. A $48. VALUE BONUS!!!

Select QTY SKU Wheel Finish and Free Items Unit Price
  Prelude Kit - Unfinished $499.00
  Prelude - Clear Finish $589.00
  Prelude - Mahogany Finish $599.00
  Prelude - Walnut Finish $599.00
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