Ashford Charka, Accelerated

Ashford Charka, Accelerated
Brand Name: Ashford
Item#/SKU: 9090190

Ashford Charka, Accelerated

Spin fine yarns and short fibres on this compact and portable accelerated charka.

Two ratio's, 80:1 for cotton, silk, angora or fine wool or 16:1 for medium longer fibres. Set the wheel up with the crank on either the left or right hand side. Light and smooth to turn as wheel, spindle and countershaft rotate on ball bearings.

The spindle is made from 4mm (5/32") stainless steel and the base sits on non-slip rubber feet. The spindle can be rotated sideways for safety and transport.

The Charka is pre finished with danish oil. WHEEL DIAMETER: 23cm (9") RATIOS: 80 & 16:1

Our Price: $360.00

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