Brand Name: Majacraft

WILD FLYER SET for Majacraft Spinning Wheels

This new innovation from Majacraft is a very special flyer for spinning 'WILD' chunky and funky yarns.

The ring shaped orifice has a ceramic insert with a huge 23.5mm (just shy of an inch) internal diameter. The usual cup hook on the flyer has been replaced by another ceramic ring and allows easy flow to the Super-Jumbo flyer hook. This new flyer hook is constructed in lightweight, long lasting stainless steel. This assists in keeping the flyer perfectly balanced.

The WILD FLYER comes as a set and includes one hand turned jumbo bobbin. It fits on every Majacraft Spinning Wheel. A special scotch tension knob is supplied in the 'Little Gem' kit for clearance.

Select QTY SKU Item Unit Price
  Wild Flyer Set-not Little Gem $146.00
  Wild Flyer Set - Little Gem $155.50
  Wild Flyer. . . NO Bobbin $84.50
  24mm Sliding Yarn Guide, Large, for Wild Flyer $8.50
  "Mini" Tension Knob (for Little Gem - but is included with the Little Gem "Wild Flyer Kit") $16.00
  Jumbo Wood Bobbin $53.50
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