Louet Bobbins

Louet Bobbins
Brand Name: Louet

LOUET Spinning Wheel Bobbins

Bobbins to fit Louet Spinning Wheels.


FAT CORE. . HI SPEED. . STANDARD (finished & unfinished). . BULKY. . . some bobbins listed are not pictured. . . make sure you are ordering for the correct wheel model and make sure you have the proper flyer - especially if you are ordering high speed or jumbo bobbins.

Bobbins and flyers are priced and sold 'each'.

The "Standard" bobbin [3rd from the left] fits the S10, S15, S50, S51, S60, S70, S71 and S75. Just pick unfinished or lacquer finished bobbins. The older wheels had a single groove on each end of the bobbin [those are gone], use the 3-speed bobbins. You can even use the "High Speed" bobbins.

Select QTY SKU Item fits Unit Price
1.311  Std Bobbin, finished S10, S51, etc $34.00
1.375  Std Bobbin, unfinished S15, S17, S75, etc $34.00
1.330  Hi Speed Bobbin, finished Use with Hi Speed Flyer $34.00
1.312  Bulky Bobbin use with Bulky Flyer $45.00
1.390  Fat Core Hi Speed Bobbin Great for lace weight yarns $64.00
1.345  Std Bobbin, finished S-45 not pictured $34.00
1.395  Std Bobbin - Beach S95 (& S11 Julia) Victoria not pictured $31.00
1.396  Std Bobbin - Oak S96 Victoria not pictured $31.00
1.303  High Speed Bobbin Victoria & Julia (Black) (use Victoria/Julia Hi Spd Flyer $31.00
1.370  Std Bobbin, finished S-90 not pictured $34.00
1.380  Bobbin S90 Fatcore Great for lace weight yarns $64.00
1.340  S40 Bobbin Fits both vintages of S40 wheels $34.00
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