Ski Shuttles from Bluster Bay Woodworks

Ski Shuttles from Bluster Bay Woodworks
Brand Name: Bluster Bay Woodworks
Bluster Bay Ski Shuttles

Unique weaving tools for the most discerning handweaver.

For use with rags or bulky yarn such as mohair or rug yarn. Ski shuttles are often used interchangeably with rag shuttles. The runners of their ski shuttles are steam-bent to a gentle, smooth curve. These shuttles are sanded, finished, and buffed to such a smoothness that they will literally ski across the warp threads.

Bluster Bay uses a large variety of premium woods. Your shuttle will be chosen by us based on what is available at the time. . . or call and we'll discuss the current choice with you!

Select QTY SKU Shuttle Length Unit Price
  24" $56.50
  18" $49.50
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