Kromski Bobbins **CLEARANCE**

Kromski Bobbins **CLEARANCE**
Brand Name: Kromski

**SALE Priced @ 25% off list**

Extra bobbins just for your Kromski Spinning Wheel.

Top shows the standard bobbin and the 'jumbo' or bulky' bobbin size comparison. Bottom shows the selection of finishes. From left to right:

Walnut, Clear (or Unfinished), Mahogany. Bulky bobbins are also available in all the finishes to fit the the Kromski Bulky Flyers.

List Price:$ 20.00

Select QTY SKU Bobbin Type / Finish Unit Price
  Sold Out: Reg. Bobbin, UNFINISHED, Reg $20 $0.00
  Sold Out: Reg. Bobbin, Clear Finish $0.00
  Sold Out: Reg. Bobbin, Walnut Finish $0.00
  Sold Out: Reg. Bobbin, Mahogany Finish $0.00
  3 left / Jumbo Bobbin, Unfinished, Reg $25 $18.75
  1 left / Jumbo Bobbin, Clear Finish. Reg $30 $22.50
  10 left / Jumbo Bobbin, Walnut Finish, Reg $30 $22.50
  3 left / Jumbo Bobbin, Mahogany Finish, Reg $30 $22.50
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