DVD: Three Bags Full: How to Select... *SALE*

DVD: Three Bags Full: How to Select... *SALE*

Once you are the proud owner of a fleece, what do you do next? Judith demonstrates sorting a fleece to find the choicest parts, then storing it until you’re ready to dive in. Learn several methods to wash fleece for its best use, comb or card it, then spin it into the perfect yarn for your project.

With this video you will:

  • Spot the best fleeces in the wool show
  • Meet sheep from cute and cuddly to big enough to pull a cart
  • Learn to lay out a fleece and sort it, from the choicest sections to seconds to waste
  • Discover many options for washing wool, from the washing machine (really!) to lock by lock
  • Card and comb fiber to create cushy rolags and dreamy top
  • Use fine, medium, longwool, and primitive fleeces in your spinning

You’ll walk away from your next festival with the fleece of your dreams and the knowledge to create any yarn you please.

The 2-disc set also includes a pocket guide to choosing a fleece and advice on preventing pests.

Run times:

  • Disc 1 1 hour 28 minutes
  • Disc 2 2 hours 29 minutes
  • These are new, factory sealed DVD's

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    SALE Price: $17.98
    You Save: $21.97 (55%)

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