Special!! Ashford Country Spinner Special Deal!!

Special!! Ashford Country Spinner Special Deal!!
Brand Name: Ashford

Special... we'll send you 2 pounds of combed 58's wool top - FREE!! with your country spinner purchase!!.- plus your choice of one free gift package listed below!

This wheel has been specially designed for spinning thick and bubbly novelty yarns. It has an extra large orifice and large size bobbin which can hold up to a kilogram (2.2 lbs) of yarn! It is easy to start and treadle.

There's no need to ply the yarns, just knit or weave them for wonderful texture and warmth. Knit a chunky jersey or weave a floor rug in no time!

The Country Spinner now comes standard with Double Treadle so you can spin for an even longer time without getting tired legs.

  • WHEEL DIAMETER: 46cm (18")
  • ORIFICE: 2.3cm (7/8")
  • BOBBIN CAPACITY: 900gm - 1kg (2 to 2.2 lbs.)
  • Ratio: 4.0:1
  • Weight: 6.6kg (14.5 lb)

Supplied as an unfinished kit with complete instructions

FREE SHIPPING! U.S. lower 48 states only.

Free!! With the purchase of an Ashford Country Spinner Spinning Wheel from our website, you can choose one (1) free gift package from the choices below…

  • Country Spinner option “A”: an Ashford Niddy Noddy & 8 ounces of combed wool top (our choice)
  • Country Spinner option “B”: the DVD — Spinning Wool: Basics & Beyond, a bottle of spinning wheel oil & 8 ounces of nicely prepared wool for spinning
  • Country Spinner option "X": For pick-up only — we will assemble and adjust your wheel for you. It's a ready-to-spin option! Please allow several days for us to assemble your wheel.

We are not permitted to sell Ashford wheels into countries that have an Ashford distributor. If you are unsure if you have a distributor. . . ask.

Select QTY SKU Item Unit Price
9090164  Ashford Country Spinner Kit $595.00
9090409  Bobbin (1), Country Spinner $69.00
9090441  Wax, for finishing wheel $25.25
  Free w/wheel purchase: Pkg "A" $0.00
  Free w/wheel purchase: Pkg "B" $0.00
  Free Option "X" - for pick-up $0.00
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