Swedish Bobbin Winder (Brass & Steel)

Swedish Bobbin Winder (Brass & Steel)

This Swedish brass and steel bobbin winder has been designed to provide many, many years of dependable service. The winding ratio is about 17.75:1 which means you can wind your bobbins faster and with less effort so you can get back to weaving sooner.

An occasional light oiling will keep this bobbin winder working like new. This bobbin winder has a built-in clamp so you can mount it just about anywhere. NOTE: Turn the handle clockwise ONLY. That is the direction that the brass teeth and the steel worm gear were designed to operate in.

The spindle on the "Thick Spindle" bobbin winder has a shaft that tapers from about 1/4" to about 5/16" making it perfect for winding most plastic (Schacht, etc), wood and metal bobbins but not all pirns or bobbins with a very small hole. If you need to wind cardboard or paper quills - or bobbins with a smaller hole diameter (like the Ashford plastic bobbins) - order the the quill winder version that has a tapered shaft that measures from under 1/8" to about 3/16".

This winder has a built-in clamp that will allow you to clamp to surfaces up to about 1 1/16" thick.

Small Spindle version is shown with an Ashford (small hole) plastic bobbin... no bobbin is included.

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  Bobbin Winder, Thick Spindle $142.00
  Quill & Small Hole Bobbin Winder $115.00
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