DVD: Warping & Loom Preparation

DVD: Warping & Loom Preparation
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Warping & Loom Preparation Instructional DVD!, with Sally Guy.

Successful warping is just a DVD away! This comprehensive DVD includes warping from the back to the front with a stationary warping paddle, using a raddle. Measure warps quickly & easily with a stationary paddle. The motion is rhythmical: crosses are made quickly, and all warp ends remain untwisted. When combined with back-to-front beaming, this method is ideal for multi-colored warps and all types of yarn. Even though the emphasis is on stationary paddle techniques, non-stationary techniques are also included.

Prerequisites: You should be familiar with a four harness loom and understand basic weaving vocabulary.

Materials needed: You will need a warping board or reel, warp yarn (cotton), four to eight warping spools, a bobbin winder, warping paddle, postage scale or yardage counter, 2 1/2" c-clamp and a straight backed wooden chair or stand and, of course, a loom.

DVD, running time 88 minutes, in color

Our Price: $19.95

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