Bluster Bay SUPER SLIM BOAT Shuttles

Bluster Bay SUPER SLIM BOAT Shuttles

Super Slim boat shuttles are designed for use with paper quills. They have an extemely low profile, making them perfect for squeezing that last little bit of weaving out of the end of a warp, pick-up, split shed and free-form techniques. They also work well for damask, opphämta, or any draw-loom weaving and they are wonderful for all weaving projects when using a loom that creates a small shed. They are so slim that they will work almost anywhere! Perfect for those looms with a small shed opening. For some narrow looms, you may want to consider a shuttle long enough to be able to pass it from one hand to the other.

To insure that they are as low profile as possible, all sizes are available only with OPEN-BOTTOMS. The bronze quill spindles are hinged on one end, and snap securely in place on the other. All sizes are a mere .5 inches tall.

Looking for a winder to fit to smaller hole the cardboard quill has? Check the Ashford, Louet, Glimakra (small spindle) or the Schacht Double-Ended (great for all bobbins, quills and pirns.

Select QTY SKU ITEM Unit Price
SS-10  10-inch open bottom - use 3.5" quill $38.75
SS-12  12-inch open bottom - use 5" quill $41.75
SS-14  14-inch open bottom - use 5" quill $45.50
SS-18  18-inch open bottom - use 5" quill $52.00
  Pkg of 10, 3.5" Cardboard Quills $7.00
  Pkg of 10, 5" Cardboard Quills $7.00
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