Walnut Lendrum Plying Head, New

Walnut Lendrum Plying Head, New
Brand Name: Lendrum

Lendrum Plying Head... in Walnut

This large head is designed so you can ply two or more regular bobbins onto one large bobbin. The large orifice makes it ideal for bulky yarns.

Fits any Lendrum Upright Folding Spinning Wheel. Includes the following parts:

  • Walnut Plying Head Mother-of-All
  • Walnut Plying Flyer with a 7/8" orifice
  • Large Drive Band for Plying Head
  • Walnut Scotch Tension Knob with string & band.
  • Ratios are 5, 7, & 9:1

All wood is Black Walnut and is finished to resist dents and scratches, and the wood reacts very little to seasonal changes in humidity.

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  Lendrum Plying Head $125.00
  Drive Band for Lendrum plying Head $10.00
  Bobbin for Lendrum Plying Head $28.50
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